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2011 Citroen C1 1.0I Seduction

Mileage: 54656 KMS
Body Type: Hatchback
Colour: Black
Region: Gauteng

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The first Citroen was produced in 1919 called simply Type A, a vehicle powered by a 4-cylinder 1326 cc engine that could propel the car to a speed of 40.4 mph (65 km/h). The main advantage of the model Type A was its versatility and its affordable price, and sold over 2,500 units in 6 months. By the end of 1920, Citroen had gained enough popularity to become an element of the Parisian lifestyle. The first Citroen Taxis appeared, followed by the release of the Type C. More advanced models would be introduced years later, such as the B12 in 1925 and the B14 in 1927. The Great Depression in the early 30s added to Citroens financial troubles, and Michelin saved Citroen from financial ruin thus allowing Citroen to develop their greatest innovation - the front wheel-drive or 'Traction Avant' and was the first company to provide Front Wheel Drive with the launch of the Type 7 Citroen. Later on, the 22CV and the 11CV would be born - whose popularity with the new traction system would provide good times for the company in 1957. The 60's marked the launch of a modern engineering achievements, such as the introduction of the hydro-pneumatic suspension. The beginning of the 90's was a new era for Citroen whose models took rounder and smoother shapes which assured the company's success well into the new millennium: Citroen C1, C3, C3 Picasso, C4, C4 Picasso and Citroen C5, and all cars are for sale in South Africa.