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2002 Nissan Almera 1.6 Luxury A/T (H03)
2002 Nissan Almera 1.6 Luxury A/T (H03)
Mileage: 142000 KMS
Body Type: Sedan
Colour: White
Region: Northern Province
EST Price P/M: R1,035*


2002 Nissan New Hardbody 2.4I 4X4 P/U S/C
2002 Nissan New Hardbody 2.4I 4X4 P/U S/C
Mileage: 170000 KMS
Body Type: Bakkie
Colour: Green
Region: North West
EST Price P/M: R1,723*


2002 Nissan X Trail 2.5 (R40)
2002 Nissan X Trail 2.5 (R40)
Mileage: 274000 KMS
Body Type: SUV
Colour: WHITE
Region: Gauteng
EST Price P/M: R1,119*
Phone: 0871352721

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The company was formed in 1934 marketing their Datsun brand until the break-out of the World War 2.

1950-Partnership with the British engine manufacturer Austin Motor Company to access cutting-edge engine and automotive designs.

1952-The companies reached an agreement in which Nissan would assemble Austin automobiles from imported parts and sell them in Japan under the Austin brand.

After three years, Nissan made all Austin parts domestically and sold the Japanese Austin`s to the international market. The partnership also gave Nissan rights to access Austin patents.

1970s-Datsun brand gained notoriety through the popularity of the 240Z, a sports car with a six-cylinder engine.

1973-With the world-wide oil crisis, consumers began to look for small economy cars that used less fuel and with new demand Nissan built new Datsun factories in Australia, Mexico, South Africa, and Taiwan.

Nissan had cumulatively exported over ten million Datsun`s by end-70s

1981 -Nissan dropped the Datsun name and began selling its automobiles under the Nissan brand.

1990s- Nissan released several models such as the Maxima, Sentra, and 300ZX.

In 1999, Nissan formed an alliance with French automaker Renault. Nissan re-designed the Sentra and Altima, which became popular among consumers

The Nissan brand is associated with quality, design, and value for money.