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Ford has been selling mass-produced automobiles and light commercial vehicles worldwide for over 100 years attracting millions of loyal customers with a wide range of vehicles that offer considerable value.

Founded by Henry Ford in 1903 with 16.5 million Model Ts being sold between 1908 and 1927 during this 20-year period.

Ford was the first company to utilise the moving assembly line production process- now the standard in motor vehicle manufacturing.

In 1979, the company acquired a stake in Mazda, and the company also emerged with a new mind-set of global competitiveness.

In the mid '80s, Ford was showing new strength with its popular Escort and Taurus models while further expanding its empire with the purchase of the Aston Martin and Jaguar brands. Meanwhile, its full-size LTD sedan [later re-named the Crown Victoria] remained a staple of taxi companies and police forces throughout the USA.

The Explorer midsize SUV played a huge role in ushering in the era of the SUV. In 1999,

Ford expanded its family yet again with the purchase of Volvo's car division, and, in 2000, it acquired Land Rover.

But the new millennium initially saw a downturn for Ford.

To compensate, the company sold its other car brands [Volvo and Land Rover]and introduced a wave of successful new Ford cars for sale in South Africa: like the Figo, Fiesta, Focus, Ikon, Ecosport, Everest, Kuga, Ranger, Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom, have allowed Ford to regain its standing as a very competitive manufacturer.