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New Toyota Supra vehilce news image

New Toyota Supra

Toyota`s ``modern racing concept`` to preview forthcoming Supra sports car revival
Toyota is set to stun the 2018 Geneva Motor Show with the unveiling of a racing concept version of the all-new Supra, and an official teaser image has been released.

Entitled ``The Legend Returns`` the image shows what`s described as ``a modern racing concept``, designed to ``signal Toyota`s commitment to bringing its most iconic sports car back to market``.

Initially, it was expected that the final production version of the Supra would be shown at the Swiss new car event, but it`s not clear yet whether we`ll be seeing a showroom-spec car alongside the racing model.
Over the last year, Toyota bosses have been drip-feeding information about the new sports car, developed jointly with BMW. We have been told that it won`t be sold with Toyota badges, and will instead feature the Gazoo Racing nameplate.
Insiders claim that the new Supra will come in four different states of tune; as the basic Supra, as a Supra GR, as a Supra GR Sport, and finally as a Supra GRMN. Expect a significant gap in performance and price between the base Supra and the GR sport, with variations in suspension tune also likely.

``The Supra will be by Gazoo,`` performance division boss Shigeki Tomoyama told Auto Express late last year. The news comes after it transpired that the Gazoo Racing team became more heavily involved in the car`s development after Toyota president Akio Toyoda tested the vehicle and decided it needed to be ``more mobile``. Prototype cars have since been given more of an edge to what was a fairly benign initial set-up.

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