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Lexus UX crossover previewed ahead of Geneva motor show vehilce news image

Lexus UX crossover previewed ahead of Geneva motor show

The reveal campaign has begun for Lexusís answer to the BMW X1 and Jaguar E-Pace
The small SUV, which brings the fight to the Jaguar E-Pace and Mercedes-Benz GLA, stems from the UX concept, which was revealed at the Paris motor show in 2016.
The UX will be powered by a mix of internal combustion engine and traditional hybrid powertrains, as proven by Lexusís trademarking of UX200, UX250 and UX250h monikers following the conceptís reveal.

This suggests the car will share engines with lower-end NX SUV models and the ageing CT hatchback. It is thought that the UX would replace the CT.

Features of the production car will be toned down from those of the concept; the large, intricate wheels and door cameras in place of mirrors will be the first to go.

However, the brandís spiky design language of recent models suggests that many of the conceptís wild, spiky lines will be carried over and the spindle grille - a divisive and idiosyncratic feature in the Lexus line-up, is sure to stay, too.

This image shows a light strip across the back of the car, a very toned-down version of what we saw on the concept. The image is called the 'Lexus UX F Sport', suggesting the car shown will be a range-topping variant.

Rivals range in length from 4400mm to 4450mm, so itís likely that the UX will sit somewhere in the middle.

Prices have yet to be confirmed, but its closest competitors are priced £29,000-£35,000. The NX occupies the lower end of the segmentís price range, so itís likely that the UX will do the same, with a price tag of less than £30,000 expected.

The Lexus RX L, a seven-seat version of its large SUV featuring three rows of seats, will make it European debut at the show, alongside the Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept, first revealed at the Detroit motor show in early January.

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