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BMW iX3 all-electric X3 variant confirmed for 2020 vehilce news image

BMW iX3 all-electric X3 variant confirmed for 2020

Fully electric BMW iX3 will arrive within two years, with a preview arriving at the Beijing Motor Show in April
BMW has confirmed that a fully electric version of the X3 will arrive in 2020, taking on the iX3 nameplate.

Speaking at BMW`s annual financial accounts press conference, company chairman Harald Kruger promised the arrival of the iX3 in 2020. From the same year onward, the firm will be able to fit any series model with an all-electric powertrain, paving the way for additional EV versions of the most familiar members of the BMW range.
The German brand has trademarked every badge from iX1 to iX9, indicating that a raft of new electric SUVs could be on the horizon.

The iX3 will be the very first, however. We`ve spotted it undergoing assesment by BMW engineers in the arctic circle, but technical details and any hint of how far the iX3 will go on a single charge remain firmly under wraps. Around 300 miles on a single charge would see it competitive alongside the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace and upcoming Audi e-tron.

The decision to produce an all-electric variant of an existing SUV is at odds with rival brands. Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes have all gone down the standalone electric model route with the e-tron, i-Pace and EQC SUVs respectively, but the iX3 will still be regarded a BMW `i` car.

BMW promises that we`ll learn more about the iX3 at the Beijing Motor Show in April, confirming that a pre-production concept will be revealed. It`ll be the first of a number of all-electric concepts BMW plans to showcase this year.

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