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Electric Audi e-tron SUV

Audi`s first all-electric e-tron model will be revealed on 30 August 2018, before going on sale later this year
The all-new Audi e-tron SUV will be revealed in Brussels on 30 August 2018, according to company boss Rupert Stadler. The brand`s first full-EV will help the company reach a target of 800,000 electrified cars each year by 2025.

Chairman of the Board of Management, Rupert Stadler said: ``At the Global Audi Summit in Brussels on August 30th, we will deliver on our promise. The premier of the Audi e-tron - our first fully electric car.``

The news comes just weeks after the firm announced it was taking refundable deposits for the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace-rivalling electric SUV even before the car officially goes on sale.

Stadler announced the reveal date for the forthcoming Audi e-tron at the launch of the Q8 SUV in Shenzhen, China. He also outlined plans to manage the company`s carbon footprint, by taking steps to ensure each of its production facilities was CO2 natural by the end of the next decade.
``At Audi, we are not just using cleaner parts,`` Stadler said. ``We are taking production to the next level. We are using a balancing CO2 emissions. By 2030, each of our sites will be carbon neutral.``

Little additional information was revealed about the new e-tron SUV in China, but we already know that while the original concept used a drivetrain consisting of three electric motors, the production model will feature just two, with one powering each axle. A 95kWh battery pack has been confirmed, made up of 36 shoebox style battery modules. The batteries are housed in the floor of the vehicle for better weight distribution.
A revised all-electric range has been issued under new, stricter WLTP testing standards, too. Audi claims that the e-tron will be capable of over 249 miles on a single charge, though we`ll have to wait a little longer for some performance figures.

On the charging front, Audi claims the e-tron`s extensive thermal management system will enable the car to recharge at a Tesla-beating output of up to 150kW at DC charging stations. It means that at stations capable of charging at such a rate - such as the IONITY charging points currently being built by a wide group of European manufacturers - the e-tron will recharge from flat to 80 per cent in less than half an hour.

Audi will also launch what it calls the e-tron Charging Service, which it says will grant buyers access to around 80 per cent of Europe`s charging points, regardless of operator. Buyers will only have to carry one `e-tron card` rather than several for different charging suppliers. From mid-2019 onwards, all e-tron models rolling off the firm`s Belgian production line won`t need the card at all, and will support a system called Plug & Charge. The system will automatically authenticate the car at the charging station.

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